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you already know the basic af caption coming atcha ?#walkinintotheweeklike ??? @cibellelevi

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g y m n a s t i c s is BACK! tune in to @olympicchannel tonight at 7pm est or the nbc sports app for the us classic to catch @simonebiles @morgihurd@riley_mccusker and so many more! ? @sarahhughes11

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And just like that, our summer is over. Fun few weeks but time for you (and me) to get back to work ??? love you @sammartin_6

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Athleisure has come a LONG way since the, “are leggings even pants?” debate. They are now *officially* go-to’s in everyone’s wardrobes. To help you create the easiest gym-inspired outfits, I thought I would share my top five athleisure looks that I swear by because if there’s one look I feel like I’ve mastered, it’s the activewear aesthetic ? Link in bio •

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time for some gymnastics (but not me this time) see ya soon kentucky. tune in to the nbc sports and @olympicchannelsaturday for the us classic ?? ps let’s make some more magic soon, @thetylershields

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This picture really has nothing to do with what this post is about, but I really did enjoy this rooftop moment with @cibellelevi lol. But what I wanna tell is… • • • My brand new website is FINALLY live!!!! Can’t wait to finally share it with u all. Also can’t wait to continuing sharing and blogging. So I wanna know what YOU want to read and see more of! Comment below to let me know + make sure u check out the new site ?

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Short hair, don’t care ??‍♀️??‍♀️ yay or nay? (I’m making up for the 22 years of not being able to change or do anything to my hair because #gymnastsprobs…couldn’t be too long or else it smacks you in the eye when you flip & couldn’t be too short because it had to all fit in a pony… I know you other gymnasts know this pain, right)

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Current mood when you walk into @sephora at Century City in LA to find that my Celery Green Cream by @volitionbeauty is S O L D O U T ??? Luckily if you haven’t gotten yours yet, you can by clicking the link in my bio to order it today!!! #nastiaxvolition

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Wouldn’t exactly call this outfit b a s i c… but on the blog, shop my top 5 best basics for summer ☀️ ? @cibellelevi •

Los Angeles, California

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thanks for making me smile and laugh every single day, even on the days when I *think* I’m too stressed or tired to laugh. thanks for putting up with me wanting to get to the airport (and everywhere else) so early that we then have to just sit and wait (but also have time to get snacks!!!) thanks for loving me despite my unathletic abilities and knowledge in every single thing— besides gymnastics lol. thanks for understanding (and joining in) on my obsession for gummy bears and chips and fries. thanks for making life fun together. I love you ? @sammartin_6

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when you wake up and it’s finally the weekend… was this week the longest weekend ever, or is that just me?

Los Angeles, California

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IT’S HERE!!!!!! My Celery Green Cream by @volitionbeauty is finally available in stores at every @sephora in North America!!!!… and online at and I’m so excited for you all to try this, and very proud of this collab… almost a year in the making ?? Can’t believe we finally made this dream product into a reality. Link in bio to get #nastiaxvolition ? @cibellelevi

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Please tell me I’m not the only one that pretends every curb (or for that matter, edge of a roof ?) is a balance beam? #gymnastprobs

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about last night #espys ? @cibellelevi ? @sammartin_6

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That feeling when you find out that @moleculesleep is available at Costco ? Costco members can now purchase the brand new MOLECULE 1 mattress at a special member’s only price on More in stories! ? #TeamMOLECULE#MOLECULEsleep

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oh hi baby @sammartin_6 ?? @cibellelevi @carachele@makeupbylusine @lagabstyle@lit_n_lavish @jmigspr@raqueltheskinpro #espys

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Lately, I’ve been feeling so inspired to get up and just move. With busy schedules and commitments, it’s more important to me than ever to find small moments in my day to boost endorphins and change up my mindset. On the blog, I’m rounding up five inspired ways to add bursts of activity into your day in partnership with my friends @nikesportswear (and also showing off my new favorite Nike Air Max 270 React sneakers). PS: I’m wearing a Membership Only colorway called Midcentury that you can exclusively shop when you sign up via email! #AirMax270React#Sponsored | photography: @cibellelevi

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On the blog today: the shorts power suit is here this summer (and if you can’t tell, I’m obsessed with this look) It’s a look that says, “Business meeting at 3 PM, pool party by 5 PM.” Suiting isn’t necessarily a traditional summer virtue. They weren’t exactly designed with rising temperatures in mind. And, if a matching blazer and shorts feels out there, I’m here to tell you, it’s actually a really practical combination. Link in bio for all my favs ?? @cibellelevi

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ran out of captions, but liked my makeup (and hair) so here ya go ??‍♀️

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red, white, and you ❤️ love you baby @sammartin_6 ???

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happy birthday america ❣️?? @sammartin_6 @_patcasey_@stevencundari

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Oh holiday weekend, is that you? ? what’s everyone’s 4th of July plans?

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finally time to get back to the west coast (and you) ✈️❤️ @sammartin_6

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throwback to that one time I was a brunette (and tan) for like a minute.

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when you have a pool party at noon but business meeting at 3 ??‍♀️