3天 之前
BC vs WHITE CHOCOLATE CAPTION THIS PHOTO? “Dream Come True!” ? Words can’t explain how it feels to bless the court with one of my favorite NBA guards of all-time @jasonwilliams55 ?? God1st #DeadlyBackcourt#BC☠️vsWhite? #Converse

Outer Space

5天 之前
STREETBALL COMEDY? WAIT FOR IT…..☠️ ?“CHILL BRO!” @voiceofvenicebeach I had a blast last week at Venice Beach for the @pumahoops event!! Big shoutout to @morakm3 & @puma for the invite! WHATS YOUR FAVORITE MOVE TO END A GAME? God1st #StreetballComedy?#BoogieMan

Venice Beach

11天 之前

Venice Beach

19天 之前
STREETBALL COMEDY? I had the time of my life this week at the Eqinox gym in Manhattan with mi familia Tyler Williams @iam_jessedaniels11@Fre5shPrince @iamtrillsimba?“I got it” lol It was a literal movie!!! ? WHICH CLIP WAS THE FUNNIEST? 1st, 2nd or 3rd?@danneshkassamali You peep the @silkysocks ? God1st #AreYouOk?☠️ #StreetballComedy

Equinox East 61st Street

27天 之前
NBA PLAY MAKERS OPEN RUN Big shoutout to @nbaPlayMakers for putting together such an amazing run right here in Los Angeles at the @jumpman23facility! It’s always fun to compete with your friends & family on the court!@famouslos32 @bdotadot5@creamebiggums@everybody_hatechriss@austinjmills @randalltwins@brittneyelena @andrewjfung@nellynelchan @ajaylapray…AND MANY MORE Can’t wait for the next one! TAG YOUR FAVORITE WORKOUT PARTNER God1st #NBAPlayMakersOpenRun

1个月 之前
BC Vs “Cream Biggums” WHAT WAS THE SCORE? This 1 V1 game against @spiceadams EPIC and completely hilarious! ? Click the link in my bio the see the full video! God1st #BCvsCreamBiggums

FitNation Gurnee

2月 之前
AREA 21 BEHIND THE SCENES ? With: Kevin Garnett I’m so humbled by the acknowledgment, words of wisdom and encouragement from one of my favorite forwards of all time and NBA Champion @tic_pix! Our conversation has inspired me to put in even more work to Master my Craft! Thankyou big bro!!! ?? Big shoutout to @nbaontnt @and1 for inviting me to share the stage with such a legendary cast of people! ?? Stay tuned to checkout the episode of @kgarea21 where we talk about how Streetball has influenced the NBA! God is simply amazing! God1st #Streetball #BCxKG

EBC Rucker Park

2月 之前
R.I.P. Ermias Asghedom aka Nipsey Husstle My prayers go out to the family and friends of Rapper @nipseyhussle. I had a chance to connect with him a few months ago in LA and I can’t thank him enough for his kind words. Please send your prayers to @laurenlondon and his family during this tough time! ?? God1st #R.I.P.NipseyHussle

2月 之前
BC Vs NYPD ? PRESS PLAY AND SEE WHY I WAS ARRESTED FOR A: Code 245 “ ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY HEZZY” ???‍♂️ LOL @nypdThankyou guys for all your hard work and sacrifice to your job! God bless you and your families. God1st #AllCopsMatter #Hezzy

EBC Rucker Park

2月 之前
BC vs JAMAL TINSLEY There’s no way to explain the energy at @ebcruckerpark during the early 2000s! I’m so blessed to be able to return to the park tommorrow to talk about all those experiences! WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE COURT TO PLAY? ? “EJ The Mayor” God1st #RuckerParkClassic

2月 之前
BC x LASSO I’m proud to announce my new partnership with @lassogear! These performance socks provide sports injury prevention by using patented compression technology that gives athletes extra joint support when playing. For my style of play these are truly essential! Big shoutout to my guys @parthaunnava@isiahhill & the entire staff for bringing me into the family! God bless you guys God1st #☠️XLASSO

Villa Parke

2月 之前
STOP-AND-GO /ˌstäpənˈɡō/ •alternate stopping and restarting of progress. -Using your quickness to stop and speed up in both directions will keep your opponent off balance on the basketball court. Master your craft! @therealfrequentflyer Chill bro!!! ? I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to visit so many different cities this year starting with Phoenix this weekend! ?? God is good! God1st #StreetballAP

2月 之前
R.I.P. Timothy Sylvester ? After many years of seeing my loved ones pass away, it still hurts the same every time! You will forever be missed my brother! So will you Mom and your sister. ?? Please send your prayers out to his family during this tough time. Thankyou God1st #R.I.P.TimSylvester

3月 之前
STREETBALL ETHICS When you find out the defense is nervous: •nerv·ous• •/ˈnərvəs/• “easily agitated or alarmed; tending to be anxious; highly strung.; You must attack quickly with precise movements.” I can’t wait to crash the court in Los Angeles this week! ?? Tag someone who can’t guard you…@________________God1st #StreetballEthics

3月 之前
BONE COLLECTOR CHALLENGE I can’t believe my eyes! ?? All my Signature moves are available now on #NBALIVE19 I’m truly thankful to have the opportunity to be featured on this video game that I played as a kid! …..its feels like I’m dreaming!? I’m working on so many different moves to keep my character on ? God is so good! WHAT MOVE WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ME DO ON @easportsnba NBALIVE19-20 ? God1st #BoneCollectorChallenge#NBALIVE19

3月 之前
NBALIVE19 CREATOR CHALLENGE Go play NBA Live19 now to unlock my character “Bone Collector” along with @theprofessor and many more! Crazy Crossovers, Combos, & SIGNATURE moves…..The game will never be the same!? Big shoutout to @easportsnba @dgthe3rd and the entire staff for bringing my character to life! God is simply amazing!!! ?? God1st #NBALIVE19 #BoneCollector

3月 之前
STREETBALL COMEDY ? CHILL BRO ?”Don’t Do it! Don’t Do it Don’t do it!” LOL Just warming up before my @bleacherreport Celeb Game this Sunday in Charlotte!!! Shoutout to @Slimwitdajumperfor capturing the footage! God1st #CHIILBRO?

3月 之前
NBA LIVE 19 I had a blast showing my good friend @jharden13 some of my signature moves for NBA LIVE 2019! Big shoutout to @easportsnba @dgthe3rd and my brothers @theprofessor@tristanj22 and @marcelashoward ? Such a blessing to work with people I call family! ?? Stay tuned for the release of my character this weekend for NBA LIVE19!! ☠️? God1st #NBALIVE19

3月 之前
R.I.P. Xavier Patterson One of my trainees passed away this week. It hurts my heart to write this and I send my deepest condolences to his family and friends affected by his death. So many tears shed for another loved one that I’ve lost in my life. ? Please send your prayers to Patterson family and friends who are struggling with his death. You will forever be missed Lil Bro! ?? God1st #R.I.P.Xavier

3月 之前
CAPTION THIS PHOTO? “Man Overboard!” ? TAG A FRIEND @theprofessor God1st #RespectItOrGetCollected☠️