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Day 2 at #cannes2019 – in @louisvuitton@nicolasghesquiere and @chopard. Thank u to the dream team @lesliefremar@kaymontano @marcusrfrancis@lucytuckernails ?

Cannes, French Riviera, France

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Opening night of #cannesfilmfestival2019 ! Thank you @chopard @dior and @lesliefremar @kaymontano@marcusrfrancis and @lucytuckernails for putting it all together tonight ❤️??

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers of little guys and big guys. These guys are the best thing that ever happened to me.@cal_freundlich @livfreundlich

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So proud and excited that my very talented friend #KateCapshaw is a FINALIST in the National Portrait Gallery’s 2019 Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition. You can see her gorgeous work @smithsoniannpgthis fall. #outwin2019 #myNPG

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This is why Diana FIGHTS LIKE A MOTHER. #Repost@shannonrwatts with @get_repost ・・・@spiceygirl512 ・・・ This is why I #FightLikeAmothereveryday so that no one has to endure the pain that I endure everyday. Thank you @shannonrwatts @momsdemand@everytown for showing me how to share my voice for change and sharing my story in Fight Like A Mother. Pre-order your copy of #FightLikeAmother book May 28th release date. FightLikeAmother.org #ExpectUs#KeepGoing #MomsDemand#SurvivorStrong #Determined#EndGunViolence#GrievingMother

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#Repost @everytown with @get_repost ・・・ Yesterday, Kendrick Castillo was killed while lunging at a shooter at the #STEMshooting. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Last week, Riley Howell was killed while disarming the shooter at UNC Charlotte.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ It’s time for our lawmakers to stand up to the NRA so students can stop standing up to shooters. Text ACT to 644-33 to join the movement to end gun violence. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Article via @buzzfeed

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This happened last night. @jamescharles @lizakoshy.Recorded courtesy of @pppiccioli❤️ especially for @livfreundlich

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So this was my Met night courtesy of @maisonvalentinoand @pppiccioli ❤️I got to meet some amazing people that I wouldn’t ordinarily have a chance to hang out with – like @jamescharles @lizakoshy@harrystyles @lykkeli and @iammarkronson who everybody wanted to talk to because he the BEST. THANK YOU @chopard for the beautiful jewels, @elaineoffers for makeup @marcusrfrancis hair and @lesliefremar styling. And most of all #Valentino for the gorgeous dress and Pierpaolo for taking the video of Liza and James Charles that so impressed my daughter. ???

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These young men were not “in the wrong place at the wrong time” as the news reported. They were simply attending a house party off campus when #DwayneSimmons was killed and #CoreyBallentine injured by gun violence. As @shannonrwattssaid “They were in the right place – a college party – in a nation with the wrong gun laws. “@everytown @momsdemand#rip

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I am the mother of 2 children, one 17 and one 21. Here are 3 young people of similar ages – #HannahKaye lost her mother #lorigilbertkaye when she was shot at Synagogue in #poway, #RileyHowell and #ReedParlierlost their lives to gun violence while attending class at #UNC-Charlotte. This tragic and senseless loss can happen to anyone of us at anytime in the most sacred of spaces, schools and places of worship. I know that the majority of the people who follow me support common sense gun laws but I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH that these laws cut gun violence in half! Ask your representatives what they are doing about #gunreform – do not support a candidate who has ties to the #NRA. Let’s be the leaders that our children need and keep them safe. ?@everytown @momsdemand#rip

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An honor to be with these real life SUPERHEROES!!! Last night I had the pleasure of introducing a clip of #5B, a movie that will be released in June by @verizonmedia. A documentary about ward 5B in SanFrancisco General Hospital, the world’s first in-patient AIDS ward. In 5B patients were cared for by a group of extraordinary nurses, doctors, volunteers, and advocates with dignity and love. I feel so lucky to have met 4 of them last night. They are, from left to right, Cliff Morrison, Alison Moed, Rita Rocket, and Hank Plante. Sensitively directed by #DanKrauss and #PaulHaggis the movie is a testament to the power of compassion, tolerance and courage. Don’t miss this movie!!! @5bfilm

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Thank u to @thecoolidge for bringing me back to #Boston to show @gloriabellmovie and talk about your beautiful theater and learning about film there. And many thanks to #KathyTallmanand #LorenKing for their great interviews. It was truly an honor to be back in a place that was so important to me as a student. Support #coolidgecornertheatre- it is worth it! ❤️?

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@shannonrwatts book FIGHT LIKE A MOTHER is available for pre-order at fightlikeamother.org – a majority of the proceeds will go to gun violence prevention organizations. It is a “memoir, manifesto, how-to manual” and will be out May 28. I wrote the forward – Shannon Watts is a great inspiration to me and a personal hero. She is showing us all the way to lead. @everytown@momsdemand#fightlikeamother #gunviolence#momsdemandaction

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Continuing my tradition of latergram – Bart and I went to #shanghai for the #madamoseilleprive exhibit and had so much fun in China! Thank you @chanelofficial for a lovely experience. Makeup @kaymontano Hair @carlosferraz_ styling @lesliefremar Swipe to see what we look like when we do ourselves ?

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This is what I looked like last night thanks to @hungvanngo@marcusrfrancis @lesliefremar@lamarquisette@clarewaightkeller and @givenchyofficial I DON’T LOOK THIS WAY NOW. ?

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What an honor to accompany the sublime @clarewaightkeller to the #time100 where she was named one of the 100 most influential people for her stellar work as the head of @givenchyofficial She is as lovely as she is talented, which is saying A LOT. Swipe to see us at my house with the wonderful @lamarquisette before we left to go UPTOWN! And thank u @lesliefremar @hungvanngo@marcusrfrancis ❤️❤️❤️

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And today ALSO happens to be the birthday of my friend and peace activist #EricaFord. Happy birthday @ericaford_ilovemylife – thank u for your hard work and incredible dedication. #endgunviolencetogether ?????

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Happy birthday @livfreundlich❤️17 years ago today I gave birth to the little girl I had always hoped for, and now you are becoming the young woman I dreamed you would be. I couldn’t be happier to be your mom – everything you do makes me so proud. Thank you for being kind, smart, empathetic, hard working, and loving. I love you so much. Happy happy birthday. ⭐️????❤️

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Here I am flying thru the air in GLORIA BELL. Video courtesy of my friend @susanreillylehane ⭐️ See the movie for the full sequence. @gloriabellmovie@lelioseb #gloriabell

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So proud to present the #varietypowerofwomen award to the DIVINE @bettemidler for her work with @nyrp – Bette is a shining example of a true environmentalist. It was a beautiful afternoon with moving speeches by all of the honorees @gigihadid @tarajiphenson@camanpour @spaceykacey. My friend from preschool, the editor of @essence #michelleebanksgave a gorgeous speech, and the women from @survivingrkellytook my breath away. Thank you, you spectacular women!@gitabass @marcusrfrancis@lesliefremar @chloe@nramsaylevi